i touch the trickle of time
and visit its cold metal of
a familiar fear,
its hands twitching against
a stagnant face that stares
me down, urging me inwards and

i wish the sounds that form
on my lips, were not
shadowed with hesitance
but instead, shone,
with a confidence i still
fail to unbury from beneath my skin.

i curl in every time
i feel the pressure
of myself dismantling.

it is such a beautiful sight
when the first thing i see
are those eyes
that move me,
each day i am gifted a chance
to open up to a world with you,
and i don't deserve anymore
than the trust i placed
in every breath we share.

i stutter and slip
on my thoughts,
unknowing of how to express
the intense growth of passion
colliding inside me
whenever you kiss my forehead
and daringly promise me your efforts.

promises that mean
so much more,
promises i hold onto
and cherish,
promises i try to claim
but do not need,
because knowing you are
by my side
is the only promise i ever need.


there is a time and place for
everything, they tell us,
because the situations we create
do not always end the way we
expect, and they will
forever be changing;
forever rearranging,
for we live in a world full of
snap-of-my-finger moments
and minds we cannot read.

because in this world,
a constant is hard to find.

yet as i lie here,
in a bed full of
comforting warmth and
sheets that smell
of us,
holding you in my arms
as we try to
squeeze the pain away,
i tell myself with a smile that
i can be this way, doing exactly
what we do,
every millisecond of every day,
because there is no need for
a time and place
to feel my heart
try to beat stronger
for the both of us.

because in our world,
you are my constant.

there is a time and place,
they say,
for certain emotions to let loose,
but i find myself
unmasking and baring all of me
to you,
and i am not afraid
of being afraid around you
because i know you see right through
the flaws, finding the constant
of strength
i try to hold onto
for you.

there is a time and place for
everything, they tell us,
but there is no need for
time nor place
in my horizons of you,
because you are my home
and i find
everlasting, neverending, overwhelming, timeless joy
spinning me towards beautiful eternity
when i shut the windows,
turn off the lights,
close my eyes,

and live in you.