the barricades have lifted.
the emotions channel in as they
channel out,
igniting on the surface of my skin
where they intertwine and
bind my soul tight with the missing pieces 
i feel everything.

my senses escalate like an
upward avalanche,
plummeting to a plateau of
intense calm and unrecognisable peace
i have fought so many wars to reach.

love touches upon my center 
and i feel his emotions sliding into mine
in absolute parallel,
like the rush to my head when i
stand up too quickly.
i feel everything.

the barricades i built to
block myself reaching out
and the outside reaching in
have lifted.
i take a shy step out to embrace the unfamiliar
and all the energy around me
channel in,
surprisingly delicate,
taking me to an ethereal level of
utmost inner balance,
where light meets dark.

i reach my mind,
brooding in its lair
of comfortable distress,
and place my thoughts
into a space of clarity
i have so long neglected.

the barricades have lifted.
i open my eyes and see
through what's placed in my visual spectrum,
into the middle where
i learn to finally feel connected.
i feel everything.