the bowing rain

these days are withered and damp
like the dying grass of Northern winters
drowned under the swollen earth
these groundbreaking waters don’t belong here
but they keep falling, falling, falling out of place
piercing into our skin through our pores nerves bones
freezing acid
reminding us that pain will force us
to seek shelter within ourselves.

this dawning year
dormant and unlived
is only just awakening, now
at the grovel of our patience
where the days have held 
the depths of paralysing sleep.

but we shed light 
in the shuddering darkness
for it is the light
that teases shadow play
and we are the good that feeds evil’s
never ending hunger.
fear only thrives in its job
alongside those that are brave enough
to keep its position credited of its worth.

these winds they shake even the strongest pillars
like they shook you 
like they shook me
we are the autumn leaves
dancing frantically until the whistling wind
pauses to catch its breath.

we have grown to memorise
our worldly beings as the map
to solace and away from every blow
this angry life aimlessly throws
because we have been shown
in sleep and in wake
the magic of our ethereal accord
can warm the deepest of chills.

the panic can only contain within the binds
of the pages for so long
before the smoke begins to rise
and the chapters have singed
the pages brown
catching fire for new ink to settle

these unforgiving times
they show us the hues we bathe in
teaches me to dive into the spectrum that grows
from the rainbow’s end where my eyes
and i laugh
i laugh at the unforgiving
and take your hand
knowing this time
hell will not remain inside us
because we are the ones
that travel across realms

and break from ties that bind.