i hear a whisper
of hope,
soaring through the skewered
tunes of a sky
slowing to sleep.

my heart stops
every once in a while
when i think of you
and fear a million things
that could falter;
fade like the blue of the sky
when storms approach.

the rain pours.
i drown.

yet you find in me
a precious world
i have not learned to see
and you remind me i am
the light that fills
your night
as you are the dreams
that fill my sleep.

you show me
with every melody in the air,
tender and serene,
that i am,
despite the flaws that ache me,
whole and
all beautiful.

when my hands will find their way
home to yours
we will be
and colossal.

alone with the sky

i am shivering and
trying to avoid the clams under my rib
with every gush of southern wind
as i stretch through the horizons
of a sleeping sky
in search of a calm i cannot feel

i want to stand under a place where
the skies will split
to day and night
because i want to know how it feels
to live in two worlds
and do well, i suppose,
as i am already familiar with
staying awake when half of me is
numb and asleep

i wish for days like these
to never end
when all that haunts me
are the forces around
not thoughts nor memories
but if my present lasts forever
how will i look forward to
finding you
for the future?


through a veil of dreams
i walk towards the clouds
that spell your name
and whisper your love in the
cold of the wind
an ethereal warmth
like the touch of your skin.

there are days when i panic
from the loss of your smell
but the thought of you burns strength
in the core of my mind
you teach me a million ways
to let go of pain
and i know no matter how far i stray
i will hurt for a while
but carry you in me
in blissful permanence
because you are my