the moths are fluttering in the pits of my body
and i try to decipher the flap of every
crushed, grey wing
but i comprehend nothing of this
bland emotion.

i see the pain in her eyes
reflecting mine
for i am unable to make her heal
and i feel insignificant in a life
too full to hold
an overflow like me.

the time is ticking
and i can sense an overwhelming air of
an end i try to run from but-
i try to run but i cannot seem
to set myself free.

the cold water fills my lungs
i try to drown away all i feel
and all of me
but i gasp for breath
because i am not meant to leave this way.

i am full of regrets
and hold in my hands
a clench i never let loose
because i am a burden stuffed sore
written halfway and crumpled
into piles of torn paragraphs of an
incomplete tale.

lost prescriptions

i find myself staring at
sharp corners and razor blades again
wishing on a dead sky
and crying out to nothing.

i feel bruised inside, sore and aching
heavy from thoughts that paint
fake smiles on my lips
a block of dark that
damages the shine of my laugh
the mass of clogged up memories that
linger behind my eyes,
burnt red and swollen
from choking restraint.

i am shivering again
with incomprehensible chills
at the back of my head
and it takes the voice
of those who have seen
the ruins of my heart
to bring the burning pain
pouring out from my skin

i repeat to myself
before a stale mirror
that i am strong
and i can find my freedom
but i am forever caged
within myself
and my loss of sanity

blank spots

gestures spark pitch black
and screech
incoherent words
into the blank of my
rusted soul

i feel.

i feel.

i feel nothing.

saluting the darkness

the devils whisper nightmares
into the strands of my hair
and the white of my eyes
rolled shut and blind

and i awake from a nightmare
falling into another
like a wave that meets no shore
one more twist of
sweat stained
torn sheets
soaked with pain and
aching restraint

i converse with a world of
bane, pierced and crushed
deflated of all crisp and cornered memories

devils, they whisper
they scrape into the beads of my minds
stretching me awake
with a scream that etches a
in the light of the world