slow down

it is one of those nights
when my thoughts sober down
to a melancholic drawl

i am reminded of my thousand flaws
and inflictions through time
and realize a surging sanity
that i miscontrue for madness

i cannot promise my greatness
when i am still facing
the jagged shards of
a once weak and broken down

but i still aim to
cross through the storm
knowing there is sunshine
clotted behind the clouds

and in all fairness
i have to admit
i enjoy a little bit of rain


the way we speak in silence through a thousand emotions exploding in the atmosphere that is the beauty of us and all that grows and expands when we move together in unison as our chests press together until we share the same heartbeat and i can feel your thoughts pouring into my mind and the way you stay long after we come together because we are connected from the inside out and we read each other's thoughts with our actions like when i bite your shoulder because you were thinking it and you seal your lips to my forehead because my thoughts are wandering and i need them to rest beside you and we teach each other how to find ourselves again -

our emotions erupt and churn like
volcanoes and waterfalls and
every beautiful collisions of nature.

you open me up like
a sacred operation of the heart,
uncovering the different shades of
pain and colossal euphoria
as you put the pieces
where they fit,
embracing the whole of me
and in turn
the whole of you.

i love it when you call me beautiful
because i can believe it.

the choral whispers, they
make me shiver. they
live in my mind,
surrounding my senses
like the entities of your soul.

i hold your touch on my skin
where everything seems
familiar enough
as i fly forward into the unknown.

the choral whispers, they sing.
they sing for me.
they sing for you.


it is the wink of beauty
captured in this moment
which echoes our dreams in such a way
i feel time trickle too fast
every time we touch
so i find myself panicking
when i imagine
waking up to the past of
a make-believe reality that will
lose the tangibility of you
and all that came
with you

everything is so real
yet flamboyant with
non-existent colours
that paint my thousand overflowing emotions
i feel like i am
losing grip
of all i wish to hold constant
so i pause for a while to step back and
catch my breath in wonderment
of the magnificence
of the view
of you

A butterfly's kiss

there are intangible things that explode
with our emotions,
like the shudder of a heartbeat
skipping to the electric of our touch,
as we strip our thoughts
and lay them onto the bare night sky.

you remind me of the euphoria
we can reach without
going through the extents of
searching for it,
because happiness
will always fall into our arms
when we least expect it to.

as my mind rose and fell in the dark,
you plucked in me a chord of
and shone through me
like a thousand whispering stars,
hidden behind the coat of a storm
that will now never approach my feet.

i was so sure i was centered
until the graze of your glance.

you are the wrong turn i took
on my mapped out journey,
yet somehow,
i am here, in all the right places,
facing all the right directions,
exactly where i've always wanted to be.