carry me down
the blow of the wind
and taint my eyelashes
with the tilt of a kiss.

there are souls that linger
in the depth of a heart
sealed and brooding
- never forgotten.

there are souls that are
passing through, so unfamiliar
and wild.

float to where my thoughts
are curled in and silent,
and be the soul i have
known forever
a familiar caress to my mind.

whose eyes saw you?

in mid-sigh,
there is a glimpse of darkness that shines
through the strands of my thoughts,
splashes of the world i lock away
in the canvas that is my mind.

i hold the weight of broken shadows
in the curve of my neck,
hiding away the scars
as i learn to heal an undying pain
that resides in my soul.

i have mastered the ability
to stack myself into loose furniture
and become the background,
because i know
lying deep down,
it is worth the wait, to one day
step out alive and
appreciate being at the center
of it all, again.


they are blind
to the shadows that
linger and hum
in the taint of my eyes,
spreading like a plague into the air.

everybody is yearning for something
but they never reach out.

i have room for a hundred
yet a million cram in
because i am always mistakened to be
larger than the world i balance on;
my mind is exploding
muted and white.

i am forever
fiddling with life
to test the impact of existence,
and it is a strange sort of calm
to realize the world will forget
to set its eyes on you
when you tip over the edge
one day.


these are lines that spell no meaning.
these are lines that spell no meaning.
these are lines that spell no meaning.
these are lines that spell no meaning.
scrape. stab. stray. spit.
stab. stray. spit. stab.
stray. spit. stab. spit.
spit. stab. spit. scrape.
stab. spit. scrape. stray.
spit. scrape. stray. scrape.
scrape. stray. scrape. stab.
stray. scrape. stab. stray.
scrawl the lines that spell no meaning.
scrawl the lines that spell no meaning.
these are lines that spell no meaning.

take me.
take my mind.


the figure in the fog

hello stranger,
those beastly eyes,
they smother me and stain
my mind with
burgundy thoughts.

take a bite off my soul
and give me a taste
- perhaps we are the same
when we shed our masks.

i don't need to cut off my toes
to fit in your shoes, your mind, your self,
to see the world the way you do.

hello stranger,
what rests inside those palms
you clench so tight?
is it a secret, a memory;
a piece of your sanity that
fell out of sight?

caress these ephemeral moments
sometimes they linger but
mostly they pass us by,
intangible and slightly opaque.

hello stranger,
your hollow breath
will fill my mind with wonder
and i wonder on the uncanny
behind every sigh we break.

we may stray
in the span of forever,
but will always return home
where our souls converse with passion
right where we left off.

in case of a fire

sometimes i will stumble
through tidal waves
pushed under
long enough to strangle but
never enough to drown
until i wash up to the shores of my world
stretched. the pieces of my soul extinct.

i envision life without vision
and punish myself
for always finding contradictions
in everything and nothing.

i spent trickling time turning handles
to the right escape
but all the doors hold
memories of, memories of, memories of -
so i end up circling inwards
until i can no longer sense the burn
in the thresholds of my mind
and succumb to living with myself
every fucking second.


Hungry eyes
undulating emotions
they carve me chapters
from forgotten stories.

shake my balance
and awake my dormant soul.

the touch of dawn
whispering on my eyelashes
crisp and ethereal sight
of a song from a distance.

there are a thousand storms
rummaging through my thoughts
they create black rainbows.

course through my normality
and draw out my insanity.

it is a calamity that forms
in the throws of my mind
where i find peace
a corner of unnerving dreams
taking shape and
granting me my clarity.

hungry eyes
undulating emotions
i have stories yet to be told.