to keep time

never forget.
the gasp you have gasped
every day since the first,
is because you choose every second
to have lived the myriad of colours that
greeted like the wink of a handsome dawn
all-encompassing and ever-growing;
these colours, which you could only see
in the dreams you kept
and in death, chose you to
choose this exact reason
to invert fate and live
- entirely.

never forget.
that in your lifetime
the skies carry on into your windows to
bring you the limitless flight
within the cracks on the wall that 
divides time and
space so stoically.

never forget.
this gasp that leaves you
one breath less to waste
on the spillage of stolen air
that get caught up in the
grenades that spew from your lips
at your blackest shade
and your spine holds a no man’s land
for the weak.

never forget.
we are not here to encourage
the same pain we chose
in our million lifespans
to leave behind.

never forget.
every drop stained
every note flattened
fills the score
of the symphony
we listen to at the heart of this kaleidoscope
that churns within the palette of life itself.

never forget.
these faces you will learn to 
draw with your eyes closed
over water
under earth
are the faces who will close their eyes
to draw you.

never forget.
that all this rage you feel is the 
kill that finishes that tip of our spears
we send into the unknown to
end the hate before it takes over
this utterly immense universe
creating a planet of solidifying ground
under our feet as we drift through the
impossible timeline of

never, never,
bring the rage home.

never forget all this
that you hold now on the tip of your mind
and the rush of your breath
or else you will only hold the ghost of a memory
and remember the person who borrowed 
your skin and bones
the person you
only just began to forget.

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